Update lists - actionable lists

Use case or problem

While hyphens are a quick and useful way to generate ( bullet ) lists, id love to expand on this concept. A bullet list should be actionable, not just a static list.

Proposed solution

I revised bullet lists in my theme called Dune and expanded hyphens to give bullet lists a new meaning.
Now, you can resolve bullet lists if you want to. Just add normal checkboxes instead of hyphen if you want actionable lists. Dune will render empty checkboxes as bullets

I would welcome if the devs behind Obsidian would adopt this expandable bullet lists so in future we just had to type simple hyphens and Obsidian would expands hyphens to "checked " checkboxes, if we click on bullet (hyphens ) lists :slight_smile:

I don’t understand — Obsidian already has task lists and a command to cycle between bullet and task list.

Just try my theme so you will see :slightly_smiling_face:

A feature request that requires installation of a theme to understand is unlikely to gain traction.

I know you from discord and i do not like your way to talk
You can read the readme on github too

Furthermore, if you are really interested, then you take action - you dont need to pay for my theme.

It’s legitimate advice. But your reply was not very nice. Please mind your manners.

If you want to make a feature request, you can follow the template like everyone else and explain what the feature is. All your readme says is,

“innovative new checkboxes - forget your old-fashion list markers, bc you wont need them anymore. From now on, you will need only checkmark buttons.”

That’s not enough information.