Update Links: Instead of removing, actually update relative paths, when updating file names

Not least for interoperability it would be nice if the link update mechanism would actually update a link with a relative path, instead of removing said path after the update. IMHO it should be an option to control what kind of link you want to use: relative/flat and the link updater should then act accordingly.

Background: If I want to use Obsidian as my Notes IDE and DevonThink as my document management solution of choice, then I am forced to use relative links so that markdown notes (of an indexed folder in DT) would be displayed correctly in DT.

On top of that: I cant have two notes that share the same name, but are located in different folders, which the file/folder metaphor the app uses would suggest. Instead, if you create a note with the same name in a different folder, it updates (if enabled) all links that were linking to the original note to the new note(!!!). EDIT: I couldn’t reproduce this last part anymore.

I might not be following correctly, but have you seen the link format setting in Preferences → File?

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Oops. You are absolutely right. I missed this pretty clearly labled option that does exactly what I’m asking for here. Thanks for pointing this out. Please disregard this post.

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