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Newbie question... didn't find it in the forum.

I have an image and I want to update the image with a new image without breaking any of the links to that image, i.e., the equivalent of just replacing that file in the file system.

What is the recommended way to do that from within Obsidian?


Modify the file in place using whatever app, or delete the old version and give the new version the original name.

Thanks, I knew that. I was looking for something a bit more elegant than the brute force approach …

What is more elegant than just replacing the image in place, and all links and references will keep working?

You’ll even get to choose to use your favorite image editor! (Instead of a great markdown editor)

You have to leave Obsidian to do it. I thought there would be a more elegant way that I didn’t know about.

This is the first thing I’ve run across where I had to do it outside of the program.

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