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Hi there, bit of an obsidian noob here.

For my degree we use a lot of up and down arrows as a quicker way to say increase or decrease: ↑ and ↓

Unfortunately I can’t find any quick way to add them using a keyboard shortcut in obsidian, which would save me lots of time.

Can anybody help me here? :slight_smile:

not quite sure what u r asking wrt increase and decrease. but if u want to zoom in and out, you can use Ctrl+"+" and Ctrl+"-".

You want to write the arrow with your keyboard while typing in Obsidian, did I undertstand right ?

What is your OS ? If you use Windows, I may recommand you a mapping keybord tool, working for every software you would use on your computer. It is called “Clavier+” and it allows you to use whatever key for whatever function you want. Inside the software, you just have to select “write text”, type the text you wish to see (your arrow) and add the keys you want to associate with.

Apologies if I wasn’t clear enough, I would like to insert the symbol “↑” and “↓” , using a keyboard shortcut. Currently I have to copy and paste. I’m using Mac OS

Hi there, I’m using mac OS. Is there an equivalent keyboard mapping tool?

I don’t have MacOS and no possibility to test tools for you, however I find something that should work fine : Karabiner. It’s free, open source and the last update was on Novembre, 2021 so it is updated.

But it seems that mapping custom shortcuts on Mac is much easier than Windows. There it is a tutorial to try it yourself, maybe it would work for you as well : tutorial

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macOS text replacements work in Obsidian.

So long as you create unique triggers, they work flawlessly in nearly every app across the entire OS.


EDIT: using punctuation can help to create unique triggers:


Thank you so much everyone!

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