Unwanted & unauthorized update to 1.0

Good day,

yesterday I used Obsidian as usual and then put my Mac to sleep. After opening my computer this morning I see that Obsidian has updated to 1.0 although I don’t recall authorizing anything like that.

I have always done updates manually after some time since they were out and they turned out to be stable. However, I haven’t done any for the past few months, because it just worked fine for me.

Either I was sleepwalking or this is a huge issue considering the Obsidian team says they don’t send / recieve any data etc anywhere.

Anyone else with a similar problem?

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You can find Obsidian’s Privacy Statement on their website, where they clearly state that they check for new updates:

[…] all data is saved on your device locally and is never sent to our server. We do not collect any personal data either.

Obsidian only connects to the internet to periodically check for new updates.

You probably have automatic updates on.

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