Unwanted angle brackets added when copying/pasting text within a note

In the past few weeks, I’ve noticed that whenever I copy and paste text that is longer than one paragraph within an Obsidian note, the text is pasted with angle brackets on either side (“<<” and “>>”). The brackets remain in all viewing modes. I’m not sure what is causing this behavior, and I don’t remember seeing it before. Does anyone know how to prevent it?

Strange! Does it happen in the sandbox vault (found in the Help menu on the left edge of the desktop app)? If not then a plugin is probably causing it.

Also, copy/pasting from where? Does it happen from any source or app?

Ah! Solution discovered. The Paste URL into Selection plugin was the culprit. It only happened when pasting text from Obsidian into Obsidian (elsewhere in a note).

The Linter plugin has a similar feature. Had to untick that myself.

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