Unsure how to access account used on mobile

I’m trying to figure out what login information I used when initially downloading/making an account on the (iOS) Obsidian app, so I can set up the sync feature, but every email/password variation I use doesn’t work. It keeps saying to double-check the email and password used.

The only thing I could think of is maybe it automatically used my iCloud information to make an account? (I don’t even remember it asking me for an email/password initially, though I did start using Obsidian a while ago.) That’s the one thing I haven’t tried yet (because I don’t remember the password and I’m not at home to look it up).

If it matters/helps, I’m on Obsidian version 1.4.16 on mobile, and have an iPhone 8+

A https://obsidian.md account (used for Sync, Publish, early access versions, and commercial licenses) isn’t necessary to download and use Obsidian on desktop or mobile.

Is it possible you haven’t created an account yet?

Note: https://obsidian.md and https://forum.obsidian.md accounts are separate.

(I understand that the forum account and the account with my vaults are different, and I know the account I just made for the forum won’t work for my vaults.)

I don’t know how to make an account(?) I don’t see anywhere on the app on how to create an account, the only thing that shows up when I enter the app is my vaults and the option to set up obsidian sync, and when I click on that option, the only choice I have from there is to log in to my account, not create a new one.

I know having an account isn’t necessary to use the app, and I’ve been able to use it (to great success) thus far without one, but I’d like to see about syncing my vaults to a computer, and I know I need an account for that.

You sign-up for an account on https://obsidian.md. You can then purchase Sync, Publish, a commercial license, or early access there.

Once that’s all set, you use the same login & password in the app under Settings > General → Account. If you’ve subscribed to Sync, you can now use the Sync core plugin.

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