Unsorted Cards in Canvas (for brain dumping)

Inspired by Milanote, a tab in each Canvas listing unsorted Cards to organize them later on.
See : Milanote Website

Why this would be needed

One point were Obsidian falls apart quickly for me is quick capture and brain dumping, writing things in my daily notes is too much of a rigid structure (like folders). I can only see thoughts I had on a specific day and note really link them without creating a atomic note later on, but then that atomic note either get losts or is swiftly/badly linked to another one.

This is why I’ve fallen in love with Canvas where I can just write stuff and place them where I think they belong and link to a other card (two levels of linking : groups (position in the canvas) and arrowed lines). This is much more visual than wiki type linking and the Graph View for me. (especially since a link technically only appears in one note if you don’t link it the other way (the outgoing and ingoing link tabs are not great imo)

Integrating it in the Obsidian Ecosystem

The Obsidian Roadmap mentions " Mobile quick capture", this would make adding cards to a Canvas on mobile (but also on a computer) much quicker. As mentionned above, quick capture and brain dumping must be improved on Obsidian (I see a lot of people using other softwares for that purpose showing this very lack of integration in Obsidian) (it’s not a weakness but it’s something that’s def missing.)

Current workaround

Placing cards in a specific place of the Canvas to sort them later on. This works but going though those notes on one side of the canvas and dragging them to the other side is often a pain + this is not great for mobile quick capture.

(sorry for mistakes that may occur, english is not my main language)

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