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First of all, I am color-blind so this might not be a problem for people with standard eyes. I’ve also just started using Obsidian–this is my first vault/documents–so there could be an option I haven’t found that could fix my problem.

Exploring the “link info pane” on the right side of the screen I clicked on one of the highlighted-in-red (or maybe green) links. It took me to the correct place, but the link it led to is red over the blue (or purple; I can’t tell) text. It makes the link unreadable.

Any thoughts?

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Hi, you can find a lot of styles made by other users in the settings. You can probably find a theme that works for you there :v: (settings → appearance → theme (click manage).

Thanks. But is this color combination intentional? Can standard eyes see it?

It’s a yellowish bg with light purple text. I agree, the combination is unreadable, until I zoom in about 400%. And even then it is difficult.


I’m not great with CSS, but at first glance, it seems to be related to a clash between maybe these elements:


Which triggers either when you follow a backlink, and then that link is highlighted. Or if you search using Search current file.

In this screenshot, I am searching the text “Insider builds” in the Help Vault with the default theme:

  1. I searched for “Insider” using Vim bindings / search.
  2. I searched for “builds” with the built-in Search current file command.


I can’t quite spot the difference in the CSS, but I guess the Search current file is not styling the text, so the background clashes. The Vim search does style the text, so it ends up having more contrast.

Testing this with “Minimal” Theme, I also see the text color does not change when searching with Search current file.

“Testing” is searched with Vim. “Second” is searched with Search current file

(Long-winded, but hopefully that helps someone find or suggest a fix!)

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