Unlock the Power of Your Projects and Knowledge with Personalized Consulting 🚀

Hey everyone! :star2:

Ever found yourself tangled in the web of tasks, projects, and endless digital notes wondering, “There’s got to be a better way to manage all this”? Well, you’re not alone! During my Ph.D., I embarked on a quest to conquer the chaos with what I now affectionately call the PTKM (Project, Task, and Knowledge Management) method. :books::sparkles:

It all started with Dynalist but truly blossomed when I discovered Obsidian. Six years into this journey, I’ve fine-tuned a system that not only keeps my academic research, work, and personal life in harmony but also serves as my digital brain for thinking out loud (because, let’s face it, thoughts are slippery without some form of writing).

:mag: What’s on Offer?

I’m thrilled to extend an invitation for one-on-one video chat sessions where we can dive into any and all questions you have about managing projects, tasks, and knowledge. Whether you’re an Obsidian newbie or looking to refine your system, I’ve got insights and experiences to share. Sessions can range from a quick 30-minute brainstorm to an in-depth hour-long discussion.

Plus, I’ll introduce you to a handful of tools that complement Obsidian, enhancing your PTKM system even further.

:memo: Before We Chat

Feel free to send over your questions in advance! This gives us both time to ponder and ensures our session is packed with value. It’s worth noting that some questions might not have clear-cut answers, but as a researcher, I’m all about embracing the unknown and exploring potential solutions together.

:sparkling_heart: Flexible Tips for the First 10 Users

This is where it gets fun! The first 10 users to sign up can pay what they feel the session is worth—be it the price of a coffee, a meal, or even a software subscription. I’m curious to see how this experiment unfolds and plan to adjust our approach based on the journey we embark on together.

So, if you’re ready to transform the way you manage your projects, tasks, and knowledge, and perhaps enjoy some lively discussion along the way, reach out by sending a private message and let’s set up a session!

Looking forward to connecting and exploring the vast potential of our minds and digital tools together. :rainbow:

Cheers to organizing our chaos into something beautiful! :tada: