Unlinked Mentions

Things I have tried

I have been trying to get my head around Unlinked mentions. From what I can see a notes will only come up in Unlinked Mentions if it matches the name of the note.

So a note called customer will find other notes with customer mentioned within other notes

What I’m trying to do

Link to other notes where I have mentioned things

What I was hoping to do was something like this. I make a customer note and when working with a customer I make notes about what we have done.

I have lots of atomic notes mentioning our products and support articles etc.

I wanted those atomic notes to link back to the customers where I have mentioned that product or article. I can then use that link to see how I used the article with that customer

For example

Customer Note

  • Install software
  • Linked console to customers SIEM
  • Provided SQL queries

Atomic notes

SIEM install (matches SIEM)
SIEM events (matches SIEM)
SQL Queries (matches SQL)

All these atomic notes could be linked back to the customer note. The idea being, I might not remember the customer, but I do remember the issue.

I hope that makes some sense.

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