Unlinked mentions with Zettelkasten prefix

Most people following Zettelkasten prepends an ID before the note title to make it globally unique; but seems like unlinked mentions only work with whole-word matches. I saw Fuzzy Searching for Unlinked Mentions, but I have another idea:

  1. allow user to specify some sort of “preprocessing” that can be applied to note titles
  2. run all notes title through that preprocessing step before finding unlinked mentions in the notes content

For example, all my notes are in the form of

<14 digits id><space><note title>

The “preprocessing” can be a regex like so

search regex: \d{14}\s(.*)
replace regex: $1

Meaning that these titles:

20200806023834 title 1
20200806030038 this is another title
20200806030201 lorem ipsum

will become

title 1
this is another title
lorem ipsum

after the preprocessing steps. Then the normal procedure for finding unlinked mentions can continue as normal.

(Here is the link to regexr that you can play with: https://regexr.com/5b2op)

Is this a good idea?


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