Unlinked Mentions seem broken, but only for me?


Trying Obsidian out at the moment to complement my usage of DEVONthink for my knowledge management. I quite like what I see, but now I am running into an error using unlinked mentions.

Unlinked mentions now produce a double unlinked mention for me…

Please let me explain:

I made a Test note to show this. As you can see in this note I have an unlinked mention:

If I let my mouse hover over the text the “link” button appears.


After pressing the “link” button the former unlinked mention is added to the linked mentions, but it stays also under the unlinked mentions:

It is possible to link this one again, which produces are wrong link in the document:


As Obsidian did not behave like this from the beginning I guess this is not the way it should work. I would be grateful for help in getting this back to normal behaviour…
Maybe I made a wrong adjustment in settings? But sadly I can’t get this resolved…

Thank you very much

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that looks like a bug

Okay, so I am doing nothing wrong then , nice!

FYI: OS is MacOS 10.15.6, latest Updates

edit: I think this never happened with 0.8.9 but it started with 0.8.12.

will be fixed 0.8.14