Unlinked backlink pane updating when opening linked note

Steps to reproduce

Open an unlinked backlink pane for a note, pin it, and open one of the notes listed in the backlink pane.

Expected result

I expect the backlink pane would not change.

Actual result

The backlink pane changes to the note that was opened.


  • Operating system: Windows 10
  • Obsidian version: 0.8.4

Additional information

This happens whether the pane is in the sidebar or main area.

I have seen this happening. When the backlink pane gets orphaned, it reverts to the state of being a backlink pane for whatever is in focus.

Is it a bug or do we want to change this behaviour?

Well for my use case, I wanted the backlink pane to be static so I could review each of the backlinked notes without needing to have the original note open. As a workaround, I did a search for the note link.

I think it’s very useful for the backlink pane (or graph or outline or future plugins) to have a static state without keeping the original linked note open, which takes up unnecessary screen space.

This is another design decision to be finalized.