Unless local graph is zoomed in or mouse is hovered over node, node name doesn't appear

I feel this beats the purpose of having local graphs.

That doesn’t happen to me, using the default theme.

Maybe try to disable custom CSS?

we have a template for bug reports. Please, use it next time.

edit: misunderstood report
this behaviour was already reported. Please search next time.

Without Custoom CSS.

oh, but this is intended behaviour. When you zoom out a certain level, we hide the labels.
They would be too close to each other to readable.

Oh. I have very less screen space. So I have the smaller graph underneath the backlinks pane. I was trying to find if there were some way I could have the titles show, as small as they are.
Another (potential)problem i observed is that the local graphs don’t fit within the space. Most of the times I have to adjust the view such that I could see the elements…

I suppose these things will get fixed eventually.
Im grateful for how things aer so far!