Universal heading search from [[ links, like ^^block searches

Use case or problem

Lately I’ve been exploring the use of heading transclusions ![[page#heading]] instead of block transclusions or page transclusions. Heading transclusions can be really powerful, because when you transclude a heading, you include everything underneath it. Also, you can transclude sub-headings, or sub-sub-headings.

However the main problem now is that when you want to transclude a particular heading, you must know which page it is in. It is not enough to know what’s in the heading - we must know which page it is in! This severely limits the power of immediately transcluding headings.

Proposed solution

When we type [[#search term - it would be nice if it could return a dropdown of search terms of all headings available from every available page. This would mean that we don’t necessarily need to know the name of the page to put in front like [[page name#search term]]. Instead, we just need to know what the heading comprises of… and we would be able to locate it anywhere. Some possible extensions of this could be the ability to assign aliases or tags to the heading.

Current workaround (optional)

Current workaround is to utilise the search sidebar. However, this is a bit diffiicult to do, and requires a divorcing away from the current workflow and is quite distracting.

What do you guys think? Also, if you haven’t tried, try out heading transclusions! They are pretty awesome stuff.

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I’ve clarified the subject line a little (or tried to, at least).

Good idea!

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Doesn’t [[## work? If you type whatever after that it queries all headings in all files.


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