Universal Clipboard won't work from Safari on ios / ipados to Obsidian Mac?

Has anyone noticed or have any idea of why Apple’s universal clipboard won’t work from Safari on ios to Obsidian Mac?

I can copy text from Obsidian on ios/ipados, then use universal clipboard to paste that text on Obsidian Mac. When I try to copy from Safari on either device and paste in Obsidian on the Mac it hangs and won’t paste. What’s weird is that I can copy the same text from Safari on ios/ipad ios, and using Universal Clipboard, paste it into text edit on the Mac so the text is being sent to the Mac.

The feature is Universal Clipboard, not Handoff (Handoff lets you pick up where you left off in the same app on another device; they’re both part of Continuity). I edited the post title.

I don’t know what causes the problem (or at least part of it — I didn’t test every part). When I copy text from a webpage in Safari on iPhone and paste into Obsidian on Mac, I briefly see a beachball spinner, then a message that says it’s pasting from my phone, but it doesn’t actually paste. Weird! I’ve never noticed that before.

If I copy the url from the address bar, or even from a link in the webpage, it works.

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Ahh yes, got my terms mixed up and edited the original post for clarity. It is pretty weird, I wonder if it’s some kind of Safari juju or security thing or what!?

I’d guess it’s a bug, but I don’t know.

I think this post needs to be moved to the bug section, which is where I started looking for it before posting a report. I’m having a similar issue.

I can copy text on my iPhone and see the bar on my Mac indicating that it’s being transferred, but then it won’t paste into Obsidian on my Mac. But it will paste into other apps, so I end up having to paste it into another (Mac) text editor, copy it again from there, and then paste that into Obsidian Mac version 1.1.9.

UPDATE: Reposting this in bugs per @CawlinTeffid

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Would you mind posting a bug report (that includes a link to this thread), so it’ll have the bug template?