Universal clipboard won’t work from Safari on ios to Obsidian Mac

I can copy text from Obsidian on ios/ipados, then use universal clipboard to paste that text on Obsidian Mac.

When I try to copy from Safari on either device and paste in Obsidian on the Mac it hangs and won’t paste.

What’s weird is that I can copy the same text from Safari on ios/ipad ios, and using Universal Clipboard, paste it into text edit on the Mac so the text is being sent to the Mac.

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does it work if you paste without formatting?

A little more detail: When I copy text from a webpage in Safari on iPhone and paste into Obsidian on Mac, I briefly see a beachball spinner, then a message that says it’s pasting from my phone, but it doesn’t actually paste. If I copy the url from the address bar, or even from a link in the webpage, it works.

When I paste without formatting I don’t see the above, just a brief highlight of the Edit menu, and it doesn’t paste.


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I have made sure that airdrop itself does work, because I can paste texts from iPhone clipboard onto other MAC apps such as my edge browser or apple note. And I just cannot paste anything directly onto an Obsidian page.