Unique note [feature] [bug]?

I can no longer see way to launch a unique (numbered zettelkasten) note. There was a button on the old mobile version but I can’t see it on the new version.


[ ] Android

Obsidian Mobile version: v0.0.xx

The ribbon of buttons that used to be on the left is now contained in a button at the lower right. (The button’s behavior changed in the last update, so update to v1.4.1 to avoid confusion.)

If you don’t see the command there, you might need to enable it in Settings > Core Plugins.

Great. Yes I looked at the lower right button and couldn’t see the command. will check out the Core plugins. Thanks for your help.

It’s not in the Settings > Core Plugins either.

Not in the Core Plugins section but in the Core Plugins item in the Options section, Unique Note Creator should be the third one from the bottom.

Thank you.

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