Unique File Names (interal Onode-ID)?


in a collaboration setup, it will be necessary to be prepared against file-name-collictions.

TheBrain uses unique file names. They can be easily derived from the node-titel + username + location + timestamp + local data (disksize, cache status etc.), which get hased to a unique file name. Changing the titel of a node will not affect anything, due to the stable IDs. Compy N vaults from different people (team) into one vault is without any problem, due to the fact that even if their a “dublicates” (files with the same titel f1-t0 = f2-t0) they can combined without any file-name collitions.

Quite nice would be a layer function. Then one layer can be used per member of a team. Now I can switch on and off the “word-views” of different members.

In case of semantic inconsistencies (by design it will be always consistent, due to the unique file name), some deleting, overwriting, keeping the double view on the same term can be supported. TheBrain uses skip all, or overwrite all, or caes by case if it imports N PBthoughts from external sources.

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