Unexpected position of Page preview when the line is wrapped

When the line is wrapped and the link has blank space(s) inside it, part of the link may be on another line. In that case the preview may be shown in unexpected place like this (mouse is hovering over word ‘Workflows’):

Possible to show Page preview at the beginning of the link (default) or at the beginning of the word in the link, closest to the mouse pointer, if the link is wrapped on several lines?

Valery, looks like a bug or feature request. Why not move it to an appropriate subforum?

Thanks, moved the thread to the Bug-reports forum!

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Does this still happen in 0.7.5?

Unfortunately, yes. 0.7.6 (mouse pointer is hovering over the word ‘моя)’:

Do you still have this problem in 0.8.5?

looks fixed now

Yes, fixed in 0.9.22: