Undo for deleted notes, prevent it from happening

I think there’s no undo button, so I was actually trying to rename the note then I accidentally deleted it. I just noticed there’s no undo. So I would suggest an undo if there’s a deletion happened. Also deletion is near the rename if a user accidentally click it there’s no confirmation to delete the file. I would also suggest to move it away from the rename and create a confirmation before the deletion in this way this would prevent an accidental delete.

There is an option to confirm before delete:

You can also set to send your deleted file to system trash or obsidian trash, so you can retrieve it.

Thank you! So I saw the deleted notes it was in the recycle bin, I’ll just copy and paste it.
I’m having a really good time using Obsidian! I used cherry tree and Joplin before. So I’m really happy about the fast response in this community. Probably I’ll go with the Catalyst though not sure about the advantage… Thank you again!

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