Undo file move in file explorer

Use case or problem

I want to undo accidentally moving a file in Obsidian.

I often accidentally move a file in Obsidian (Version 1.5.3 (Installer 1.4.16)) running on my macOS 14.2.1. I click a file to open, and I’m guessing that if I move my mouse in any little direction as I’m clicking, it moves the file to the parent folder of the file’s current folder.

Proposed solution

A command to undo a file move is the first solution that comes to mind. I could map that to a hotkey.

Current workaround (optional)

I have to look for the file in the file explorer in its new location, remember where it should be, then manually drag it back in that folder.

Related feature requests (optional)


Filed related bug: Too easy to move files when clicking them