Undo does not work on Mac in some situations

The problem is connected to Markdown Prettifier Plugin. However, the auther of this plugin claims that on Windows he can revert the changes so it looks like problem is with Obsidian on Mac and not the plugin. Accidentally, I ran prettifier (with shortcut) when I had the entire document selected.
As a result, I got the notification ‘There is no line 127 in the document’ and the document has been cleared. The worst thing about it is that this action can’t be revoked
I don’t know if this is an issue with the plugin or obsidian itself but

Steps to reproduce

Select the whole document.
Run Markdown prettifier plugin. (Markdown Prettifier: Run)
Document is empty, can’t undo the last action.

Expected result

I would expect to be able to revert any changes made in the document.

Actual result

The document has been cleared out.


  • Operating system: Mac OS Big Sur 11.2
  • Obsidian version: 0.10.11

Additional information

Gif demo: https://streamable.com/cq8cuw

we don’t take bug reports about plugins.
try to actually do cmd-z