Undo close tab: remember pin status

Use case or problem

If I close a pinned pane and then reopen it with the new Undo close pane command, it’s opened unpinned, which means that if I then open another file, it will be opened in the latest pane, which I thought was supposed to be pinned.

Proposed solution

When closing a pane, memorize the pin status, and when undoing a close action, make the pane pinned if it was pinned before closing.

Current workaround (optional)

Undo closing, then click the three dots icon on the restored pane and select Pin.

Related feature requests (optional)


Also - maybe these could be separate requests, but they are kind of related:

  • If a pane was linked to another pane (one pane being an editable version of the same note, and another pane being a preview version), this link status could be remembered, too.
  • Remember pane widths. Now the resurrected pane appears narrower than it used to be.

Obsidian version: 0.12.19

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Another similar request:

In my example I have 2 panes. One is Edit, the other Preview, and they are linked to each other. If you delete the open note, you end up with 2 empty panes that say:

“No file is open
Create new file
Go to file
See recent files

And then if you navigate to a new note, both panes are now in Edit mode. It would great if that “Preview” mode was remembered in this instance too.

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Which brings to my mind (again not so much related to the topic): If I quit Obsidian while having this kind of No file is open panes visible, next time I open Obsidian, those panes will not be opened at all, so I have less panes visible than what I used to have.

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For some time now, whenever I open a note on Obsidian, two more empty panes are automatically opened (https://bit.ly/3f1K653 : “no file is opened / create a new one / go to a file / see recent files, etc”.
Each time, I need to close them. When I quit Obsidian with only one pane opened, the one I was working on, and then restart, those two empty panes are still there. Would you have a clue on how to fix that?

Thank you in advance,


I think it’s a different problem. But a general thing you can try is to disable all community plugings you might have installed. If that doesn’t help, try to disable all core plugins one by one to see if one of them is causing the problem.

this will be done. Thanks

Having opened a bug ticket for this, @WhiteNoise closed it by stating that discarding the pinned status is intentional, but no further explanation was provided.

What is the rationale behind this behavior?

If it’s intended or expected, then it isn’t a bug. That’s the explanation. You are welcome to continue the discussion here, where it’s already being requested.

The rationale is that we organize this busy forum, and attempt to avoid duplicate threads.

Here are the good points you made. I’ll start by renaming the topic from panes to tabs.

@rigmarole, I understood the question posted by @gkertai differently:

What is the rationale behind this behavior?

I understood they meant to ask what is the rationale behind the behavior that the pinned status not being restored is intentional? :slightly_smiling_face:


Good call, thanks! I think you’re right, and reading your interpretation, my response seems condescending. Apologies gkertai! :sweat_smile:

Ultimately there might not be any explanation beyond “that’s the way it currently is”. Intended may not mean “perfect”. But that’s why the FR is here to discuss it.