Understanding Obsidian Features - Graph View

For those seasoned note takers out there, how should someone new to Obsidian and note taking beyond a pen and paper notebook think about graph view? Is there a tweet storm, youtube video, or blog post you’ve found helpful for understanding network diagrams?

How do you use graph view in your workflow?


To me the graph will reach it’s true potential once we have plugins to apply graph algorithms to it, allowing to visualize hidden structure.
Discussion in the org-roam forums with examples of what can be extracted from the graph:


That is such an awesome concept! It fascinates me to no end that this structure of thought is similar in dynamics to how, say, the cosmos is bound together by gravity. Those “hidden structures” replicate the dynamics that gravity has on heavenly bodies. Not a scientist here, just how I understand them haha. Looking forward to seeing this implemented in Obsidian!