Uncorrect tag count in the search pane (the left pane)

Steps to reproduce

just put in the same note 2 time the same tag

Expected result

if there are 2 identical tags, the right pane and the left pane (the search pane) should display the righ count, 2

Actual result

the right pane shows the correct number, 2 of them, while the search pane on the left shows only the note title and number 1 tag in the note


  • Operating system: Windows 10
  • Obsidian version: 0.8.12

Additional information

when there are more than 2, the right pane shows the correct number, while the search pane shows 2 and below "+ another n occurencies". not very useful

I have the same tag count both in the tags pane and in the search pane in the described scenario. Couldn’t reproduce on Windows 10 / Obsidian 0.8.14.

We fixed a bug related to tags in 0.8.14. Possibly, wi fixed this as well along the way. If you stll have this problem when you get 0.8.14, post a new bug report with a short recording\gif video.

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