Unable to Un-Exclude My Templates Folder

Hello. I rather foolishly clicked “add to excluded folders” on my templates folder without actually knowing what that meant. Now, I am unable to remove it from my excluded folders list, as that list is showing up empty under Excluded Files.

If I understand correctly, the folder should be listed in the screen shot below. Am I doing something wrong, or is there an alternate place it can be removed?



Are you on the vault (and machine) where you did the exclusion? Other copies won’t know of the folder.

I am, yes. I was about to type more about how something strange was going on…

But, then discovered that its because I’m using the File Tree Alternative plugin and that is the exclusion list I added it to, not the one above.

I found the templates folder in the File List, but not the tree view, so, led me to the solution.

Sorry for the dumb post!

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