Unable to Reveal Markdown in Live Preview/Editing View (Solved)

In Obsidian 1.1.9 on Windows 10 Home, I created a new note containing:

  • a line of visible text
  • a new line containing only ![[]] markdown to embed a previously loaded PDF

The line containing the markdown disappeared when I selected the line with visible text, and it was not clear how to make the markdown line visible for additional editing. This problem may be specific to Windows where Obsidian uses a PDF Viewer that allows user interaction - on Android, I could select the PDF preview to display the markdown line.

To display the line that contains the markdown so that the markdown can be displayed:

  • place the cursor in the previous visible line and use the cursor keys to move the cursor down
  • click in the space below the PDF and then scroll up
  • add the markup at the end of the previous visible line (clicking on the line will display the markdown)
  • add text after the markdown causing a permanent blank line before the PDF (the text displays after the PDF)
  • go into Source mode

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