Unable to open external links: cat: standard output: Bad file descriptor

Using the appimage on Linux, external links won’t open and obsidian reports an error about bad file descriptor.

Steps to reproduce

Add a link to any note.

Expected result

Clicking the link opens the URL in the default browser.

Actual result

Nothing happens, and obsidian reports an error:

Opening URL: https://example.com
cat: standard output: Bad file descriptor

However, default browser is setup correctly in my environment:

$ xdg-settings get default-web-browser

And xdg-open https://example.com works as expected.


  • Operating system: Fedora 34
  • Obsidian version: AppImage v0.12.12

Additional information

Seems to be an issue with the AppImage. I just tried the Flatpack and everything works as expected.

Can you show us your code? (External links work fine here using Linux.)

Also, did you follow the AppImage setup instructions and have setup a .desktop file? See: Meta Post - Linux tips, tricks & solutions to common problems - #8 by Moonbase59

I literally just downloaded the AppImage, made it executable and invoked it from my terminal. If there are other requirements, they should be documented from the homepage IMO.

Same issue here, running Obsidian-0.14.6.AppImage on Fedora 35.

cat: standard output: Bad file descriptor