Unable to open an existing vault on ios and location limitation

I seem unable to open an existing vault when using the ios app. Is this correct - that it simply isn’t an option?
It is an option on Obsidian on my Android phone - I can open an existing folder as a vault.
I am able to use the vault that is on icloud but I would like to use a vault that is elsewhere - perhaps on my NAS or on MEGA (or similar cloud sevice).
Am I not enabling something on my iphone or for some reason does Obsidian not work like this on ios (which would seem odd so I’m guessing the problem is me not doing something).
Thanks in advance for guidance.

What I’m trying to do

You can open existing vaults (I think), but on iOS they can only be stored in the Obsidian folder (either in iCloud or in On My iPhone/iPad). Unfortunately, that’s the only way Obsidian can get the sort of whole-folder access it needs to do its indexing and whatnot, (or something like that).

The Remotely Save plugin might help.

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