Unable to get tag pills work in edit mode

Things I have tried

Have tried using a bunch of css snippets available out there but none of them work in edit mode where the tags appear just as they do without css snippets

What I’m trying to do

Trying to figure if there is a way I can get tag pills custom css apply in edit mode

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This is what mine look like(Edit Mode), I am using minimalist theme with Style Settings.

I have customized Tag Pill color to match that of Google style :slight_smile:

I am average user and no CSS expert, not sure if its theme dependent

few checklist/questions to answer

  1. u sure the tag pill snippets working for other ppl in edit mode?
  2. what theme are u using
  3. share your snippets here

is yours look this?

    /* for edit mode */
    .cm-s-obsidian span.cm-hashtag { ... }
    .cm-s-obsidian span.cm-hashtag-begin { ... }
    .cm-s-obsidian span.cm-hashtag-end { ... }

    /* for read mode */
    .tag { ... }
    .tag:hover { ... }

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