Unable to edit nested frontmatter now we have Properties

I have the following in my front matter that I was using to test come OpenAI things with SQL and the Text Generator plugin. I am no longer able to edit my config field.


  mode: insert
  system: >
    Given the following SQL tables, your job is to write queries given a user’s request.
    CREATE TABLE Orders (
    OrderID int,
    CustomerID int,
    OrderDate datetime,
    OrderTime varchar(8),
    CREATE TABLE OrderDetails (
    OrderDetailID int,
    OrderID int,
    ProductID int,
    Quantity int,
    PRIMARY KEY (OrderDetailID)
    CREATE TABLE Products (
    ProductID int,
    ProductName varchar(50),
    Category varchar(50),
    UnitPrice decimal(10, 2),
    Stock int,
    PRIMARY KEY (ProductID)
    CREATE TABLE Customers (
    CustomerID int,
    FirstName varchar(50),
    LastName varchar(50),
    Email varchar(100),
    Phone varchar(20),
    PRIMARY KEY (CustomerID)

This is on purpose: