Unable to drag window or see menus in yesterdays v1.0 release and can't revert

Has anyone else had issues with the 1.0 release and the new Settings:Appearance:Window frame style settings. I can no longer drag the window around and I don’t have any menus. I had to turn it all off - still no menus. Dragging was super slow - turned off Translucent window No menus until I chose Native menus and enabled Obsidian frame . Feels like some UX/UI testing was missed. I am running Windows 10 with multiple monitors.

I face the same problem too. Can’t drag the window.

It’s not just me, then! That’s nice to know, at least.

Yeah, having this exact same issue. Can’t move the dang window.

This is a theme issue.

Update your theme, if that does not work switch to default.


I can confirm that changing obsidian theme to default fixed the issue.

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