Unable to create new folders and notes


Since the last update, I have had issues creating new folders and
notes, I get the following error message:

  Error Enoent: No such file or director

For some reason it is not recoganizing
the director and folders it is located it even though I can open the valult and have access to the files.

Your assistance is welcomed

If you search the forum, you’ll see “Enoent” shows up a bunch. Search results for 'Enoent' - Obsidian Forum

A lot of cases boil down to permission issues: Obsidian can’t read/write to that location for whatever reason. It could be a third-party sync issue, it could be Obsidian doesn’t have full access to your D: drive folder, it could be…

I’d have a search through the posts and see if anything similar to your situation jumps out.

HI @ariehen thank’s for replying.

I have followed your suggestion and I am not seeing any particular solutions. I am not technical and I don’t know how to get Obsidian to link to the folder.

I have tried to update a note and I started to get EBADF errors too. Nothing on my end has changed so I don’t know why I have started to get these errors.

Any other suggestions?

Oh, I am running on windows o/s

These kind of things are difficult to troubleshoot as it’s something specific about your setup/system.

After looking at a few of the forum posts, this is what I would do for the time being:

  1. Make a copy/backup of your vault using Windows File Explorer.
  2. Use Windows File Explorer to create an ObsidianVaults folder (can be any name you want) in C:/Users/YOU/
  3. Within Obsidian, open the vault switcher, and move your vault (three vertical dots to the right of the problematic vault) → Move vault… into this ObsidianVaults folder.
  4. The path will now look like C:/Users/YOU/ObsidianVaults/VAULTNAME/

I’d try using Obsidian with your vault in this location for a while to see if anything changes. :crossed_fingers:t4:

Followed your advice, but had to move the vaults through windows not obsidian, Obisen gave another error that wouldn’t let move them

Got it.

You’ll now need to point Obsidian at the new location(s) using Open folder as vault if you haven’t yet.

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