Ukranian language

Problem with translating to the Ukrainian language.

1st, a russian language isn`t the Ukrainian language:
“Обратньіх ссьілок” in rusian lang. :x:
“Зворотні посилання” that`s correct! :heavy_check_mark:
2nd, using a russian grammar in the Ukrainian language:
“Український мова” that`s wrong ((( :x:
“Українська мова” that`s correct! ))) :heavy_check_mark:
3rd, I don`t know what is that means:
“Відкрити палітру команд” - “Open the command palette”?
“command palette” it`s like a “console of colors”.

When I found out about these problems… Oh, God… I`ve been shocked… These problems mean that the Ukrainian language is equal a russian language! And what I want to say is f**k yourself rusian ship!
Developers you want to lose your own community or what?
I hate you so much… After 2 months of the war in Ukraine… I waiting too much for a new update where normal translation in the Ukranian language.

Hi Stepan,

I understand that the situation is difficult. I hope you are safe.
Regarding the translation. All the language translation in obsidian are provided by the community.
This means that a passionate user like you spent some time to translate the ui from english to another language. No translations were made by the developers.

I don’t think that there is a Ukrainian translation as of yet.
Feel free to follow/join the effort here:

Regarding the spellchecker, it is provided by either Electron (win/linux) or by Apple (in case you are using an apple device)


Dude… I know that there is a disastrous event is happening in your country. But I do not think that sanctions should be set on this community where some people wanted to help others and thus translated parts in their mother-tongue…