UI not displayed correctly since upgrading to 1.0.0 on Win10

Obsidian’s interface has become unnormal Since update to 1.0.0 on Windows silently, and the problem persists after reinstallation.

The top of the window cannot be used for drag-and-drop movement

Wrong layout of the settings screen

Are there any configurations similar to restore factory settings for making it back to normal? thank you

Read the release notes.

Did not find any mention of that issue in the release notes Obsidian Release v1.0.0

You were not answering my question

It’s for tabs. There are themes that can disable it.

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Base steps:

  1. Check your Theme for updates: Settings > Appearance > Themes
  2. Check your plugins for updates: Settings > Community Plugins > Check for updates
  3. If you’re using custom snippets, consider disabling them.
  4. Restart Obsidian

If it’s still broken:

  1. Try going back to the default theme to check if it’s an issue with the theme
  2. Enter restricted mode and restart Obsidian to check if it’s an issue with the theme.
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