Ubuntu scrolling performance

Latest Obsidian installed using Flatpak.

Things I have tried

  • turning off Hardware Acceleration (ubuntu flatpak latest version) (hardware accel is enabled in the profile below)
  • disabling smooth scrolling (gnome tweaks > animations off) gets rid of the problem, but I’d like to have smooth scrolling

What I’m trying to do

I feel like my scrolling sometimes produces jittery, not smooth response.

Scrolling on Windows with the same vault feels fine, though having struggled with OCD, I’m doubting myself that there is an actual performance problem, even though my eyes tell me so.

I saved the profile JSON after recording performance. Would appreciate any insight.

Also, here’s a quick screencap of the profile.

I integrated Appimage with the Appimagelauncher, and it appears to be better.

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The GPU appeared in the Appimage? It seems like it wasn’t there w/ Flatpak?


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