Typo? Help file specifying pipe character - shift+\

Steps to reproduce

From Help file…
page = Internal Links
Under ## Tips
"- To make the link display different text than its real note name in Preview, use the vertical pipe (shift+) "

Expected result

…use the vertical pipe (shift+)

Actual result

…use the vertical pipe (shift+)


  • Operating system:
    Windows 10

  • Obsidian version:
    Obsidian v0.6.7

  • Using custom CSS:
    I am using a community theme mentioned within the settings area, don’t know how to identify which one.

Additional information


I think I understand what you mean. It’s | = shift+\
Will fix. thanks!

When viewing forum thread on this bug (in Chrome), I think it is munching some of the text I entered so I’ll be verbose here…

in edit mode…
I can see the text “use the vertical pipe (shift+{backslash})”

in preview mode…
I can see the text “use the vertical pipe (shift+{nothing here since backslash is probably used as escape character})”

A possible fix would be to state something like, “use the vertical pipe (shift + {backslash} = shift + \ = | )”.

There might be an opportunity to add a Help topic around proper use of backslash (which I’m clueless on)