Typing lag in all file (because I'm in Beta?)

I suspect my issue is similar to one here:
(Keyboard lag on specific file)

The difference being that the lag reproduces in all files (the bigger the file, the more laggy it becomes), as opposed to what the post above suggests (that it only happens in big files).

Vault size: 352MB. Attachment folder: 297MB. (I tried moving the attachments temporarily but it didn’t help). I don’t know whether it’s placebo but I find turning off Hardware acceleration helps somewhat.

Version: 0.13.17 (beta) (I’ve had this problem since, I think, 2 beta versions ago?)
MacOS 12.1

Screen recording: Screen Recording 2022-01-02 at 19.44.42.mov - AnonFiles
Pay special attention to second line - though I was typing gibberish but there’s noticeable lag.

Peripheral: My macbook doesn’t feel sluggish, and obsidian doesn’t seem to be taking up much CPU resources.

If the issue is to do with me in beta, it’d be great if you can tell me how to revert back to non-beta (I tried looking for this in the forum but no luck :frowning: )

Many thanks!

Post a screen recording of this happening when safe mode is on and you are using the default theme.

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Cheers for the speedy reply and the advice.

Just to confirm that as soon as the safe mode is back on - Obsidian is snappy again. Perhaps now it’s a good time to test plugins one-by-one then.

Thanks again!

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