Typed Entities For Software Org Knowledge Graph

So… I’ve started using Obsidian relatively recently and my next big project is mapping out an Engineering Org. Out of habit when I a “Person” comes up I refer to them in my notes like [[@Person Name]] which is super convenient for two reasons.

  1. Works nicely in the various graph views and people each get their own page.
  2. When I type an ‘@’ only people’s names come up for me to select from.

Got me thinking I would like this concept for other things. I.e.

  • Team
  • Product
  • Role

So I started thinking what other characters I might lead with for each type of thing to get the same benefits. Does anyone else take this approach? What characters are good for “leading”/prepending?

I also have a type system implemented, but mine is very rigid and a lot of work, but this sounds like a good idea. In the long run having some sort of type system is essential in my opinion.

For the characters I am not sure how you can represent those concepts, but you might consider using emojis since there are many of them and it’s much easier to convey these concepts using emojis. have you tried using an emoji plugin like this?