Two issues with Dataview

Things I have tried

I have searched the forum and in Dataview’s documentation

What I’m trying to do

First issue:
I’m trying to make a table with Dataview where I wan’t one of the rows (Type) to only include the first two it finds. So is there a way to exclude or only include the first two findings?

Second issue:
I try to make a table that list from #MOC🗺 but it only produces this error:

-- PARSING FAILED --------------------------------------------------

> 1 | LIST FROM #MOC🗺 
    |               ^
  2 | 

Expected one of the following: 

'and' or 'or', /FLATTEN/i, /FROM/i, /GROUP BY/i, /LIMIT/i, /SORT/i, /WHERE/i, EOF```
  1. About the first question, you can use the expression LIMIT x:
  1. About the error, did you try remove the emoji? Maybe there is a limitation in using emojis…

Regarding the first issue, I have the following:

table Authors, Title, Type, Year, Topic
from #Source📚/Book OR #Source📚/Web OR #Source📚/Video OR #Source📚/Paper OR #Source📚/Article OR #Source📚/Chapter

And I want to limit only “type”.

  1. I think I read somewhere about there being a problem with emojis, but as you can see I don’t have that problem with the other table. And if I remove the emoji then I doesn’t find it (I could of course remove the emoji from the tag)

Ok, I see now, a limit applied to the field/data, not to the pages. Maybe with dataviewjs. But that is beyond my knowledge.
About the emoji, I tried this emoji in particular and it seems there is some incompatibility with that one. Try change it to other.

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