Two identical css-files two different stylings

What I’m trying to do

I have an excellent working css-file to style my notes. That’s the standard css-file I use for all my files. For a special kind of note I want to have some minor style changes so I took the working css-file and saved with another name. Til now I didn’t change a single line. I just changed which css-file to use (Metadata: cssclass: cssfilename).

Things I have tried

As written I didn’t do any changes to the second file but gave another name. The result is that the styling output is totally different compared to the original file. I don’t understand it, what am I missing here?
I inspected the stylings by using developer tools - styling entries seem to be equal but in a different order.

It’s driving me crazy. :frowning:

Uuuuuh just after pressing SEND I got it myself!

Because of the using of Metadata-cssclass I need to change the selectors to fit them to the new filename!!! Oh fool me.

Thanks for your time. ^^


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