Trying to understand how Zotero highlight links work 🤔

I see that Zotero creates these kind of links when exporting to markdown:

I want to use these kind of links to open another PDF readers highlights instead of Zotero (like acrobat reader). Do I need to create some kind of interface/plugin depeding on the PDF reader?(I suppose this would be the case). If so, is there an existing plugin that I could use as a starting point? Where can I learn how to create these links?

PS: Maybe the question is too naive. Just want a starting point.

I have some answers. It seems that so far, there is no way of easily convert this links to other pdf readers. The links are specifically implemented by the pdf reader.
So if you want to link and open external files outside the vault to a particular highlight, most likely you will not be able to convert the link between different pdf readers. Maybe with some coding skills…? I don’t know. But it is not straightforward.

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