Trying to query YAML properties from notes referenced on daily notes

Hello, there.

What I’m trying to do

I am trying to create a food diary inside my daily logs so that I can later on log the amount of proteins, carbs, fat and calories I’m consuming each week. I have multiple recipes notes with YAML attributes just like below.

I have a note named, for instance, [[Bacon and eggs]] with YAML like those:

cal: xx
fat: yy
prot: zz
carb: kk

And on my daily templates, like today, [[2023-09-06, Wednesday]], I have YAML properties so I can assign which food I ate on every meal.

breakfast: [[Bacon and eggs]]
lunch: [[Homemade orange chicken]]
dinner: [[Tuna sand]]

I would like to query my daily notes so I can table the total sum of those YAMLs.

Things I have tried

I honestly got as far as query my daily notes so I could table my daily meals but I have not idea how can I use those query results as an input for another query. Any suggestions?

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