Trying to open a pdf file in the default pdf viewer app but Obsidian does not launch the default pdf viewer, Okular (Cent OS 8)

Things I have tried

I click on “Open in default app” but nothing happens.
I attach a screenshot:

What I’m trying to do

I am trying to open a local pdf file in the default pdf viewer from Obsidian.


If you’re clicking on the three dot menu and then selecting Open in default app, then Obisidian is telling the operating system to open the Markdown text for the page in the default app for Markdown. It seems that you do not have a default for that file type.

To open the PDF in the default viewer, you need to go back into editing mode and right click on the link to the PDF and choose Open in default app in that context menu.

I do not have any link to the pdf file.
My previous message’s screenshot displays the Obsidian preview of the pdf local file. I have tested this procedure ( clicking on the three dot menu and then selecting Open in default app) in another CentOS 8 installation and it works as I expect, that means it opens Okular displaying the test.pdf file. But for some reason it does not work on this CentOS 8 installation that also has Okular as default PDF viewer.
Do you know how to fix this?

I am not sure why it would work on one CentOS 8 box and not another if both boxes are set up the same. Sorry.

I disabled all plugins to see whether that fixes it but it did not work either. It seems the problem might not have anything to do with plugins.

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