Trying to hotkey date as filename

Things I have tried

Assigned hot key to Natural Language Dates: Insert the current date
when I use the hot key with the cursor in the note’s filename (e.g. “Untitled”) it inserts the date into the text of the note body instead of the filename. If I try to use @today as the filename it just interprets it literally and filename becomes “@today

What I’m trying to do

I have daily notes in a folder called Journal.
I want to use a new folder to log activities with YYYY-MM-DD as the filenames for notes in this new folder. I don’t want to change my daily notes to this folder and as I understand it daily notes can only be created in one specific folder.

I would like to create new notes in the project folder with YYYY-MM-DD as their filenames. My hack is trying to create a new note in the folder, getting the default “untitled blah” and pressing a hot key to change this note name to the current date in the format above. Is there a more elegant way than hot keying the date in the body of the note and then cut/pasting it into the title??


Do you use the “Unique note creator” core plugin?

It can have a separate date format and note location than Daily notes. And then it can have a hotkey too. Create new unique note

Also, depending on your OS, there are different snippet tools. I use Alfred on MacOS to input dates into any field. (And other stuff.) My example snippet expanders:

ttime = 9:02 PM
sdate = 2023-03-02
jdate = 2023-03-02 Thursday

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That will work thanks. It at least gives me one additional folder to create the date notes in which is all I need in this use case.


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