Trying to find a plugin that gives a dropdown list for nested tags

I thought of/needed something today, that I haven’t thought of before: when you click on a (nested) tag in the text, rather than creating a search for that tag, I’d be keen for Obsidian to display a dropdown of the nested tags eg. #status/inflight, click on that and it shows a dropdown of waiting, done, cancelled - whatever is nested at the same level. Selecting one of those updates the tag in the text. Anybody know of a plugin that does something like this? I’ve been looking but I couldn’t find anything :frowning:

For me, it doesn’t get much simpler or faster than just typing a # - a drop down list appears that you can navigate and it shreds nested tags.

Agree with you, that works perfectly when you’re creating the content. This is for when I come back to a particular line (project or todo) in a big list of them; the tag is already present, and I want to update it from #status/inflight to #status/paused. At the moment I select all the text of the tag and then type # to go again, which works, but just being able to click and select would be faster and easier.

Just to be clear, this is a papercut rather than a showstopper for me - I’m sure I’ll cope :slight_smile: I’m just curious if anybody has done something along these lines.

I often instead of deleting the entire tag, delete back to something like “#statu”, and when I then hit the “s”, the auto-completion kicks back in action.

It’s not just one click, but it’s pretty fast.

Cheers, will give that a go as well, see if it helps the flow :slight_smile:

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