Trying to create a cross referencing book highlights management system

My requirement is simple. I want to highlight multiple books on a topic with different coloured highlights and then create a knowledge system out of it where I can cross reference etc.

For e.g. my research area is world war 2

Step 1 : highlights

I wanna denote certain highlight Color’s for diff topics.for eg. red highlight for war crimes, green highlight for politics, blue highlight for quotes from leaders, yellow for concentration camp stories.

Step 2

Now I wanna import these into something like obsidian where I wanna import these highlights to their respective pages. E.g. war crimes, politics, quotes and concentration camps.

Now I want to take it a step further and tag them with additional tags. For e.g name of city, gender, which side they were on etc.

So I’d be able to short list all book highlights which are from the war crimes sections and also contain #paris and #female. So I could shortlist book highlights that have references to war crimes against women in Paris.

Makes sense ?

I’ve been looking at obsidian videos all day and honestly I haven’t been able to make head or tale of it. Tho it does seem that I can use zotero for highlighting.

Any solutions ?

If you read on pdf’s, you can achieve the highlighting and porting to Obsidian part using the mdnotes plugin or the most recent BibNotes formatter plugin along with Zotero. If you are on Mac, you can use this PDF annotation extractor built as an Alfred workflow. You can do the rest of the tag processing within Obsidian. You can find a complete end to end workflow using mdnotes here.

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Forgot to mention that I’ll be doing all this on the iPad

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