Trying again to escape Evernote ... in vain so far

I have a huge Evernote repo that contains notes with embedded PDFs and other images. I ran yarle on the Evernote export folder and created a bunch of markdown but the images are lost. Is there a way to cleanly move from Evernote to Obsidian and keep my images and file references? Perhaps a Yarle trick? As it is, this just will not work.
Original Evernote note:

Output as seen in Obsidian:

I’m using Evernote 7.x and Obsidian 0.10.11 on Mac OS X Big Sur.

What’s the problem? That the PDF is not embedded? I think you can achieve this by putting an exclamation mark before the link. In any case, if there are issues with Yarle, just open a ticket on the Yarle issue tracker. The author is very responsive.

I have converted my Evernote database with Yarle and it worked quite well. Sure, there is always something you can improve if there is complex formatting involved. But with Yarle you can also save the original HTML from Evernote and put a link to it in the Markdown note. That way you can always view the original if Yarle broke something while converting to Markdown.

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You can try importing into Joplin and then exporting as markdown. This worked for me.

Notable also has an enex import tool. I tested it some time ago and remember it working well.

As a very late followup, I made another run and finally escaped Evernote Tyranny with YARLE. It was actually pretty easy! Export all notes, then run YARLE. Done.
There is of course a lot of cleanup to do, but this is actually pleasant as I find myself reviewing and improving all my notes as I go and the Obisidian systems are so much more powerful… this is what I wish Evernote was. And I can ditch my mind map software!

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